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Birmingham, Alabama is one of the South’s fastest growing cities. We’re a lifestyle brand and our lifestyle passions have inspired this blog. While you’re browsing for newest pocket square addition to your closet browse our curated selection of cocktails, Birmingham hot-spots and favorite people from around town.

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From the Bar: Jack Rose

Chad Ellis

The Jack Rose

A classic cocktail from the Pre-prohibition era, The Jack Rose, is a sour cocktail with a fruity sour profile and refreshing for the summer heat. The Cocktail calls for America's first commerical brandy producer, Laird's Apple Brandy and the base spirit for the cocktail. The name however is still a point of controversy among craft cocktail enthusiasts. One side says the name came from the "rose" color + the use of apple "Jack" brandy. The other says that it was named after a notorious gangster from New York's crime syndicate. We'll let you choose which one you decide to share at your next house party. 


How to make this cocktail:

Combine in a shaker with ice

2 ounces of Laird's Apple Brandy

3/4 ounce of freshly squeezed lemon juice

1/2 ounces of Grenadine  

(look for Jack Rudy Grenadine at your local Grocery Store)

Shake shaker until metal is cold

Double strain the cocktail into a coupe glass. 


Viola! Your Sure-to-Please summer cocktail. 




Bartender: Phillip Crowe

Phillip is a Birmingham Native who's been a part of the craft cocktail scene for the past two years. He found his taste for the craft while working in the restaurant industry in Birmingham. 

Phillip's a firm believer that the recent craft cocktail and local restaurant scene has become the driving force behind Birmingham's Downtown revitalization and lifestyle culture that has encouraged people to reinvest their time and money back into Birmingham. 











Octane is a Coffee + Bar experience in one of Birmingham's suburbs, Homewood, Alabama. Their focus is to provide quality craft beverages with a focus on a local feel. The beans are roasted on site and the milk for their café beverages is from nearby as well. Their attempt to create a local community around the store has been wildly successful in both café and craft cocktail. It's a popular hot spot for meetings, students and a pop-in "office" for local business people as well. The friendly staff and creative culture has made it one of Birmingham's hotspots.