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"I remember my first time setting foot in a better menswear store in Birmingham, Alabama. The store had been around for 4 generations and had all the exciting Italian labels. When I walked in one guy popped me a beer and another started showing me around the store telling me about the history and so on. I guess it was in that moment that I realized that I wanted in on the creative side. 

I went to school for advertising and ended up minoring in graphic design, I guess clothing just ended up being my creative outlet. I loved thumbing through all the fabrics and was curious about how different things fit together. When I was younger I tended to stick the tried and true rules of style but I've found myself pushing those boundaries lately. Not because I don't respect them but I'm curious about what's on the other side of things. 

It's never been easy starting from scratch. You find your way into experience you didn't know existed and out of things you never thought you'd survive but that's all part of the journey. That's how you find the cool new things that become your inspiration. It's the support of your customers and friends that charge you keep reaching for more. The genuine interest they have in what you do is fuel for the fire. 

I've never been happier creating something, nurturing it to health and seeing it out there in advertisements, in coffee shops and on the shelves at menswear stores. I'm really proud of what I've accomplished so far and can't wait to see what's next."

- founder, Chad Ellis



Charlie is a menswear accessory brand that is focused on hand-tailored goods for the modern gentleman. The styles range from the pure traditionalist to the far extreme and designed with fun and casual style in mind. Charlie is a name that you should find comfort in like an old friend, you should have fun with and always open for a good party. We hope that you enjoy our products and join our community.